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Kung Fu Shihtzu Grooming is here to give every pet that enters through our door the love and tender care it truly deserves. Serving Vancouver and the surrounding areas, we strongly believe in caring for our little furry friends. For us, caring is indeed the first step to making them healthier and happier companions. We take great pride in knowing both the customer and their pet, as we welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. Our experienced staff are not only qualified, but are committed to fulfilling the customer’s needs. We use some of the finest shampoos and conditioners and each dog is hand dried and fluffed to perfection! We look forward to serving you.

Mallory Wiekamp

Mallory Wiekamp has been grooming at Kung Fu Shihtzu since February 2012. She graduated from the California School of Dog Grooming in July of 2008. July of this year Mallory became the owner of Kung Fu Shihtzu. At an early age Mallory knew she would always work with animals, especially dogs. Throughout middle school and early high school she volunteered at a local museum that had a live animal exhibit. There she helped clean out rat cages, played with rabbits and snakes, as well as educated guests about the animals. On the weekends Mallory spent her time at the local dog and cat adoption center called YAPS (Yucaipa animal placement society). There she played with the animals, fed them and cleaned up after them. During high school Mallory spent her time after school and on weekends working part time at DonMar Farms and kennels. Here she cleaned out dog kennels, fed, and played with the dogs as well as helped get them adopted. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Her family often complained about how smelly she was after each day of work. At this point mud and dog poop did not bug her one bit. Mallory has no problem getting her hands dirty as long as the dogs were happy in the end. After graduating high school Mallory got into a dog grooming program at California School of Dog Grooming and took the three-month course. 9 to 5, 6 days a week she groomed dogs. And the rest is history.

Lindsea Peterson

Lindsea had a senior project in high school that set her on the path of grooming. She found a groomer that was willing to teach her about the grooming process while she worked on her project. After this project was finished she was asked to stay as a part time job; bathing the dogs. From there she was taught how to groom dogs. After working for this groomer for 5 years she decided to take off on her own to groom. She has seven years of experience under her belt and has been working for Kung Fu Shihtzu since July 2016.

Cassandra Elerath

Cassandra has always had a love for animals. Before she came to Kung Fu Shihtzu, she worked for a big grooming corporation as a dog bather. She loved her job and wanted to learn more about grooming, but in a bigger corporation it wasn’t very easy to be chosen to get the training needed to move up in the business. She decided to leave that corporation and chose to look for a smaller more personal salon to work for. Cassandra came to Mallory and asked to be trained. She picked up the grooming techniques very quickly and has been grooming on her own for 3 months now. She is getting better every day.